Promo 2017


2-March of the Iberians

Pro-Cover Cdr

Warbrakadabrah was composed/recorded/mixed & masterized
From 2016 to 2017.

All Music/intros/lyrics/instruments/voices & concept 
Lord Necrotomb.

This production was simply a Digital sample of the following work
Phasmatis Interregnum Album 2017

There was no reason to release it as physical issue, because the 10th anniversay Album
was already signed at that time with Elegy Recs-Usa without need to promote it with a Promo Cd

This was the first and exclusive wargoatcult Digital Ep
With the only intention of showing what is coming with the new Album.

The songs came from a long and intense process of composition/recording that includes the entire 2016 year until July 2017

That s how Phasmatis Interregnum born

Release Date;

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