Promo 2014

1-Anthems of war

2-The shining/The Omega

Pro-Cover Cdr

Vaalbara implosion was composed/recorded/mixed & masterized
On September 2014.

All Music/intros/lyrics/instruments/voices & concept 
Lord Necrotomb.

66 copies were self-produced on Pro-Cover Cdr format
With multimedia content including; a Bio,promotional pics
And two songs.

Two songs are part of Proteus Inferno Album 2016.

The constanct thematic/sound evolution of the Band to unknown terrain continued keeping the Band in focus with this production, getting mix to perfection the most extreme brutality & classic Black Metal.

In a long time one Lyric video and first Pro video clip were recorded for the track Anthems of war,
Song that supposed a milestone/inflexion point in the Band career.

This song/videoclip is dedicated to the fallen of The Blue Division
Where Necrotomb s grandfather served

In Loving Memory;
J.C.R. 1880-1970

Release Date;


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