Campaign 2011 2Th

1-Pentaprotokhaos (Lyrics).

2-From Nuclearea to Cosmos (Lyrics).

3-Oceanos de Fuego (Lyrics).

4-Embryoatomik Penetralia (Lyrics).

5-La Puta de Golgota (Lyrics).

6-Plutoniuimperium (Lyrics).

7-Satanika genética (Lyrics).

8-Nuclear dawn (Lyrics).

9-Atomik Antichrist (Lyrics).


Butchered Records-Usa  
Old Cemetery Records-Usa

Official Distribution;
Sevared Records-Usa

Pentaprotokhaos was composed in 2009
Recorded & Mixed in November 2009

And Masterized in January 2011
At Bunker Studios-Spain

All Music/Intros/lyrics/Instruments/Voices & Concept 
Lord Necrotomb.


Pentaprotokhaos is the 2Nd Album recorded by the Band, the First was The law of Kalashnikov 
Due To delay problems (1,5 Years) with the Label Butchered Records,  was released one month later than
La Horda del Chivo

Then, officialy, Pentaprotokhaos is the second album released but not recorded. 

Due to the delays of release, the band began to promote the album with a physical Promo entitled
Including two songs from the Album without Mastering

1-Oceanos de Fuego
2-Satanica genetica

This Promo gave way
To the first (low cost) official videoclip performing
Oceanos de Fuego
With the appearance of session live guitar
Lord Davallon.

Davallon & Guland appear into Cd design
But all Music was recorded by
Necrotomb as always.
Wargoatcult is Necrotomb.

Release Date;




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