Khaosis 9

We saw to be born this son of a bitch

Predict the end of the world to his whim

Ivent the armageddon under the power of the Church

Promising to save only the chosen Ones

 Centuries of deception and falsehood

Feeding the heart of the stupid men

Accumulate work, lost gold

Waiting fearfully for the apocalypse

 Satan lives in the meat of the men

The damned world discovered the radioactivity

Learned to construct weapons to kill his similar ones

The artificial intelligence received autonomy

 The Demons are not men

The men are Satan

Way of the apocalypse

Atomik Antichrist

 We are a grain of sand in the macrocosm

Waiting our fucking final wretch

Runs damned, the Death waits for you

Way of the apocalypse

Atomik Antichrist

 Buried in the tomb of the time

The human beign weep for the fucking Virgin Mary

Condemned to the most terrible of the ends

Way of the apocalypse

Atomik Antichrist


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