Khaosis 2

Bestial abomination

Necro-Astral ascensión from the detphs

Fury and hatred fill my inert body

Isotopes feed the damned flesh

 The sun burns my soul

Absorbed by megatons for never return

Floating among the flames

Of pure nuclear Hell

Million unfortunate souls

Destroy my mind

 As shigs shouting

As assassins killing

As a storm in the brain

As pure fucking Hell

From NucleArea to Cosmos

 Tormented and enclosed

In this stellar prison

Expelled strongly million light years

The Moon was a vague radiance

Plutonium was a stab in my soul

 The sun exploits

I fly towards the infinite

The Land died some time ago

The hope of the man was an evil dream

The future of humanity

A utopia

 Now a stormy past

The battle against Gog gained

The battle for Satan

Now in the Pantokrator of Hell

The fith world war was brutal

Finally was..

Destruction of the World order

 Travelling towards the stars

Majestic mega brutal speed of light

Extrated of the infernal core

Ashes cover my body

And black flames devour my soul


Into the eternal Pandemonium


From nucleare ato Cosmos


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