Campaign 2014 1Th

1-A la guerra con Satán (Lyric).

2-Apocalipsis nuclear (Lyric).

3-Cuernos de Chivo y Mascara de gas (Lyric).

4-En pie de guerra (Lyric).

5-Guerreros del Metal muerto (Lyric).

6-Me cago en Dios, el Puerco de Cristo (Lyric).

7-Quema la Iglesia de tu Pueblo (Lyric).

8-Santos bastardos (Lyric).

9-Soy el asesino del Nazareno (Lyric).

10-Verga de Chivo en culo de Monja (Lyric).

Digipack Cd

Brutal Panzer Assault Recs-Mex

En pie de guerra was composed/recorded & Mixed
 During Spanish holy Week (Semana Santa) 2010
From 1 to 11 and masterized in 2013
At Bunker Studios-Spain.

All Music/Intros/lyrics/Instruments/Voices & Concept 
Lord Necrotomb.

En pie de guerra was composed/recorded & Mixed
In record time during Spanish holy Week (Semana Santa) 2010
From 1 to 11 and Masterized in 2014.
All work was done at Bunker Studios-Spain

11 days composing,playing and non stop recording the entire day until finished.

This Album differs from the main usual lyrics of the Band
Is a point and part, a little break in the way where the subjet is completely focused 
On the attack to the Catholic Church.
Musically has the same essence/evolution, but lirically is pure blasphemy
focused on that religion.
 An Album that will never be repeated
Just a promise came true.

After many failed deals around 4 years
The album was released via Brutal Panzer Assault recs-Mex
In a well deserved collector edition on Digipack format
With die-hard Booklet
Stickers, woven patche and a great shirt.

This is the third Album recorded, oficially is the fifth.

Original cover comes on Booklet inside


En pie de guerra!

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