Necro Classics

Voracity for composition,
 Music as disease..

In this section you can find some Wargoatcult albums transformed
Into the most classic form of Music, where Necrotomb shows his greatest influences
Emulating the great composers of the past as Niccolò Paganini , Richard Wagner , Johann Sebastian Bach or

As the highest exponents of his peculiar and personal style of composition,
Very far from any form of extreme Metal.

Taking the Wargoatcult music to this terrain, the palpable influences denote the strong passion of Necrotomb
By the great composers

These works are a faithful reproduction of the Album itself ,
Using real instruments and synthesizers 
Working with other musicians under strict interpretation of the original score
of each song,
Making the corresponding arrangements for the adaptation to this committed style. 

At the moment all works will be available in Digital format via Bandcamp only,
Due to the impossibility that any label may be interested

Just enjoy a new wargoatcult Music way, out of fashion and totally timeless.

Welcome to the wargoatcult duality and of course..
to the controversy of a unprejudiced and creative Mind that transforms
Destruction into music

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