Promo 2009-2Th

1-Oceanos de fuego

2-Satanika genetica

Pro-Cover Cdr

Dethrone was composed/recorded & mixed
on July 2009.

All Music/intros/lyrics/instruments/voices & concept 
Lord Necrotomb.

This promo included thwo songs from the second album recorded without mastering

100 copies were self-produced on Pro-Cover Cdr format
With multimedia content including; a Bio, Promotional pics, 1 low-cost Videoclip (Oceanos de fuego)
And two songs.

In the spite of the many negotiatios carried out 
the first album The law of Kalashnikov had not yet been released
wich was not reason to stop to continue creating Music
OIn this way Pentaprotokhaos was born.

Release Date;

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