Split Tape 2014

Side A

1-Lux no es divina-(Hereticum).


3-Convulse necro- fellatio-(Hereticum).

4-Swirled Machete ritual-(Terrorsaw).

5-The deepest penetration-(Terrorsaw).

Side B

6-Necromatic degradation-(Wargoatcult).

7-Baphomet ascensión-(Wargoatcult).

8-Antichrist (Sepultura cover)-(Wargoatcult).

9-Na decadencia de mística saudade-(Xerión).

10-As nosas ansias das chairas lunares (Absu cover)-(Xerión).


Nigra Mors-Spain (Galiza).

The three songs were recorded/Mixed & Masterized
on April 2014
At Bunker Studios

All Music/lyrics/Instruments/Voices & Concept 
Lord Necrotomb.


The idea of this split emerged from the mind of Nocturna Disharmonika Pestilentia (better known as Nocturno from Xerión and Nigra Mors Recs, wich has been part of wargoatcult as a live member and a great comrade) waiting in a Gig on Milano-Italy for our turn to play and viewing Terrorsaw.
Looking for a title flying to Spain the idea was born on Necrotomb s brain
Finally, with all parties agree, Legatvm Damnatorvm was born.
 For that particular show there were only two rehearsals.
In the absence of time and repertoire reduced by the short duration of the songs,
Because we were presenting the Hatecatomb album,
Necrotomb composes a new song with a extended duration titled; El Bautismo de la Bestia,dedicatedto Nocturno for his help in a very complicated moment of the Band.
El Bautismo de la Bestia,was rehearsed two days before show giving a espectacular result
Finally, this song appears in the split wargoatcult/Hereticum-Black-War
As we say in Spain; Cerrando con Broche de Oro
Release Date;

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