2009 Propagation

Side A

1-Enola Gay
2-Wehrmacht red-delta battle 
3-Satanik blitzkrieg
4-Thermonuclear ascension
5-Burka Boom! 
6-Once upon Irak 
7-War Metal baptism

Side B

1-The law of Kalashnikov
2-Post nucelar annihilation


4-Afganistan no man s Land

5-Black Panzer-Goat artillery

6-Satanik antichristian kommando

7-Uranium paradise Kosovo 

8-Cradle of Pigs


Mutilationary Records-Thailand 


Side A-Music was composed/recorded/mixed & masterizedin August 2007.
Side B-
Music was composed/recorded/mixed & masterizedin August 2008.

All Music/Intros/lyrics/Instruments/Voices & Concept 
Lord Necrotomb.

Side A Belongs to Nuclearmageddon Theories Demo 2007
Side B Belongs to The law of Kalashnikov, First album recorded in 2008 

With this release, there was evidence of a first album existence, wich had not been released because of various failed negociations with several Labels
Situation that will extend until the year 2016

Release Date;

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